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The Knoxville Journal

by Peg Bivens
The Knoxville Journal was published as a weekly newspaper in the town of Knoxville, Illinois in some form, from 1849 until 2001.

Weekly news coverage of Knoxville then ran in the weekly Zephyr under The Knoxville Journal column. Following the death of publisher Norm Winick in December 2010, many of the Zephyr columnists continued to publish in the online Galesburg Planet. The online site closed upon Mike's death in December 2012.

Mowing, Mowing, Mowing…… there is a continual cycle of lawn care that claims time in the spring.

Work with mowers and trimmers requires extra care. A stray rock thrown from a mower can break windows…. both your own and your neighbors’ or windshields on passing cars. Fortunately, this is usually covered under your homeowners insurance policy. If you do any mowing for hire, you have a business exposure and should check out buying a commercial policy to cover your equipment and general liability.

We have just come off a couple of weeks of spring winds whipping things around. Not too much severe damage in our area though we have had a few clients with some things blown off of and into structures. Knoxville and Galesburg have completed their "spring clean-up" trash collections and lawn mowing season is starting.

Our agency was recently honored for outstanding sales and service over the past year, by companies that we represent.
On March 5, 2016 we were presented with the Underwriter of Merit Award and the Underwriter of Merit Growth Bonus at the annual awards banquet held by Pekin Insurance Company in Peoria, Illinois.
This was the 3oth year that the agency has received the Underwriter of Merit distinction, the last three years in succession.

It's the start of a new year and a great time to review your current insurance policies. As life changes, so do your insurance needs. Are you sure that your policies accurately address your current exposures ? Have you recently retired ? Changed your marital status ? Acquired luxury items like jewelry, watercraft, specialized hobby or sporting equipment ? Do you have new children, or grandchildren in your family ? These are all life changes that might mean a change in insurance for you.

Two Reasons to buy Life Insurance

It's simple. There are two reasons to buy life insurance:

1. You owe somebody

2. You love somebody

1. You owe somebody. Mortgages, student loans, consumer loans, business debts. These are all financial obligations that continue past the life of the debtor. Providing for timely resolution of these obligations is easy to do with life insurance. A solid, comprehensive insurance plan, especially one begun at an early adult age, can save you money over credit life options.

Here at Lacy England, we believe in customer rights. We believe that:

1. Customers have the right to be treated courteously at all times
2. Customers have the right to expect our best in service, no matter how much or how little they buy from us
3. Customers have the right to expect solutions to their problems
4. Customers have the right to have their concerns treated as our concerns
5. Customers have the right to our full attention when they need us.
6. Customers have the right to expect that we will put in whatever time it takes to solve their problems.

Spring is in the Air! Flowers are blooming, it’s getting warmer out, and people are buying new homes and vehicles! Did you know that if you use the same company to insure your home and your auto you can get a big discount on your insurance premiums? Pekin offers a discount of up to 30% off of your home premium and 15% off of your auto if you insure both with them! Svea Mutual/Rockford Mutual also offer discounts if you insure your auto/home with them!

Peg Bivens is now licensed to write business in the State of Arizona. We have added this licensing to our product portfolio to better serve our Midwest customers who purchase property in sunny Arizona. You can now have the same agent and company for your Illinois home and your Arizona condo.

Our agency was recognized by Pekin Insurance Company for achievement in 2014. We received the Underwriter of Merit Award on Saturday, March 28, 2014 at the company's awards banquet in Peoria, IL. This marks the 29th year our agency has received this award. We are proud to be in partnership with Pekin Insurance Company.